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[MOD] Fund-Raising Project for the Habagat Victims

Dear JE fans,

As many of you are aware, and as many of you have probably experienced, the Philippines is experiencing nonstop rain and floods due to the monsoon rains brought about by tropical storm Haikui.  Metro Manila, as well as other parts of the country, are paralyzed, roads are inaccessible, and many have lost their lives and their homes.

Personally, and I'm sure a lot of you feel this as well, I would love to help the victims by donating in relief operations, but I don't have the time, the accessibility, and the talent to do so. With that in mind, wouldn't it be great if we help the victims collectively while enjoying our fandoms at the same time?

With that in mind, I was wondering if you guys will be interested in a fundraiser for the victims via our fan fiction, our graphics, and what have you?  If you are, here's our little FAQ under the cut:

1. How does this fundraiser work?
If you're familiar with the arashi_on fund-raising campaign for the March 11 earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan, then this fundraiser follows the same format.  There are two categories of helping--"buying" and "selling."  "Sellers" are fans who offer their services (e.g. writing fan fiction, creating graphics, translating interviews, subbing, etc.) while "buyers" are those interested in what the "sellers" have to offer for a small amount of money.

2. I am not Filipino, but I want to help.  Is it okay if I join?
Of course!  Anyone can help!

3. I only contribute to one JE fandom.  Is it okay if I join?
Yes!  The fund-raising campaign is open to everyone, whether you are active in one JE fandom or not.

4. How do I "sell"?
Please comment on this thread with the following:
Name: Your nickname and/or LJ username
E-mail: Self-explanatory.  If you're not comfortable in putting your e-mail, then a "PM me" is okay.
My contributions to the fandom: Do you write fan fiction? Do you make graphics? Do you translate and/or sub? List as many as you can. Also, you can list comms in which you are active or place a masterpost of your work.
I am willing to do: List here the stuff that you love doing in your contribution. What's your favorite pairing? Genre? Situations/prompts?
I am not willing to do: Do you go by one pairing only? Are you uncomfortable writing NC-17? Do you need the raw video from the "buyer" before subbing? Place all your restrictions here.
Other fandoms: Place all fandoms that you are willing to contribute to here, JE or otherwise (you might also be willing to write for AMUSE artists or D-Boys or basically anything!).
Other information: Do you get overwhelmed with so many requests? Does the buyer have anything to do before you get on with their request? Indicate it here.
Pricing: How much you're offering to make a specific request? Try asking between the range of USD1-10 or PHP50-500.
Timeframe: How long does it take for you to complete a specific request?
Also, please post the completed request here once you're done.

5. How do I know that my buyer has donated?
Once we have confirmed the buyer's donation, we will PM or e-mail you. Then you can start on the request.

6. How do I "buy"?
Just scroll through the list of sellers in this thread and find someone that suits your interest. You may contact them and discuss arrangements with them by commenting on their thread or by e-mailing them. Then, contact them once you have donated so that they can start on your request.

7. How do I donate?
For Filipino buyers, you may donate via BPI cash deposit, G-Cash, and PayPal. For international buyers, we only accept PayPal donations. Please e-mail jephilippines@gmail.com for payment details or if you have other donation options.

8. I want to donate but not request a fan fic, graphic, etc. Can I do so?
Of course, you can! Again, e-mail jephilippines@gmail.com for payment details.

9. Where will the donations go?
All donations will go to the Red Cross Philippines, which the volunteers will be using to buy food, medicine, and other items for the victims in evacuation centers in the Philippines. If you want to donate to them directly, you may do so by clicking here.

10. How will we know that the donations will go to Red Cross?
Don't worry! We're not going to run away with your money. To ensure transparency, we will be posting almost-daily updates on our community. We will also be sharing the receipts once we have donated to Red Cross. However, if you still feel uncomfortable coursing your donations to us, you may donate to the Philippine Red Cross directly, though please inform us that you have done so since this is still part of our project.

11. How long will the fund-raising take?
The fund-raising will end on September 7, 2012, 11:59pm, Philippine time. If you are outside the Philippines, you can convert your time here.

You may ask other questions by e-mailing jephilippines@gmail.com with the subject JEPh Habagat.

We are aiming for an amount of USD120 or PHP5,000, but it would be more awesome if we can donate more than that.  We highly discourage anyone from backing out from this project once they have signed up, and we highly encourage everyone to donate with whatever amount they want, small or big.  We believe that these small contributions will add up to a big amount that can benefit a lot of people.

Sign-ups are on this thread!  Let the fund-raising campaign begin!  Feel free to spread this to your blogs, your comms, everywhere! Thank you for your time!

Update, August 11: We are partnering up with sonyeoncheonji, a fanworks community of K-Pop group EXO. If you make fanworks for K-Pop groups, please do feel free to join!
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